About us

Fiume (FIUME MARKETING MANAGEMENT L.L.C) is a DED-licensed marketing company established in Dubai in 2023. Based on successful methods developed over years of experience successfully serving businesses & businesspeople in the United States, Canada and other countries, Fiume’s key offering is business growth for various business models and industries.

Using the latest in modern technologies, our systems are strictly about helping our clients acquire new clients with a plug-and-play approach. This allows our clients to focus on other important areas of operating their business, while we help fuel their business growth.

The UAE offers a unique environment in which we believe we can grow hand-in-hand with other UAE businesses. This is a large part of the enthusiasm that fuels Fiume every day. Our success is intertwined with our clientele’s success, and we take this responsibility to heart.

Sina Amini

Founder & Managing Director

Sina Amini has invested 6 years in the digital marketing space, consulting & helping businesses reach their branding and growth goals. Originally from Canada before calling Dubai home, the majority of Sina’s work has been with entrepreneurs in the United States.


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