Lead Generation for Cosmetologists

Running only Google ads or Meta ads without a proper lead generation funnel may not enable you to fully realize the potential of your leads and achieve your business goals. This same factor can also become a bottleneck for your business growth. The cosmetology industry in Dubai is exceptionally competitive. At Fiume, we can assist you in elevating your business above the competitors and achieving disruptive growth.


Lead Generation Funnels

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The cosmetology industry in Dubai is extremely competitive, and solely running Google ads or social media advertisements will not help you find sales-qualified leads. If you take a primary approach without involving lead generation funnels, you will end up with limited conversions, with only a low percentage of leads being converted into customers.

At Fiume, we conduct an interview with you to gain a broader understanding of your products and services. Following market and business analysis, we suggest the best approach that involves lead generation funnels. Our lead generation funnels incorporate cross-selling strategies, upselling strategies, and industry-specific offers to ensure high sales conversions.

In addition to providing lead generation funnels and high-quality leads, our package includes a fully dedicated account executive for your business and a CRM platform for managing and handling all your contacts. You don’t need to worry about using our CRM platform, as we provide all the necessary training to your sales staff and management.

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